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      RG-3A high speed rotograuvre printing machine

      RG-3A high speed rotograuvre printing machine
      • Stable quality: the implementation of the whole process quality monitoring, meticulous, and all aspects of testing!
      • Reasonable price: effective internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!
      • Fast delivery: advanced production line, sufficient stocking, shorten the delivery time!
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      Product Details


      Product features:

      1., this machine is suitable for printing BOPP, PET, PE, PVC, CPP, glass paper, paper and aluminum foil and so on

      2. 、 this machine adopts seven motor tension control and PLC tension system, tension has swing roller detection and adjustment

      3. 、 double arms of double arms for roll off and rewinding, do not stop changing at high speed

      4. automatic cutting, receiving (such as BOPP, PET, CPP, and 120 grams of paper) without stopping

      5. pneumatic scraper, three direction adjustment, scraper left and right movement, driven by synchronous motor

      6. press roller, press roll adopts pneumatic

      7. upper and lower connecting type oven, pneumatic open and close

      8. pneumatic shaftless mounting mechanism to improve the efficiency of plate change

      9. automatic ink circulation system

      10., the use of ultra hard anodic oxidation treatment of static balance aluminum alloy guide roller.

      11. computer automatic chromatography system, with a stationary picture

      The appearance, technical parameters, performance and features of the machine are subject to change without notice. Without the express written permission of Ruiguang company, may be reproduced or the dissemination of relevant information

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