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      RG-B high speed paper slitter

      RG-B high speed paper slitter
      • Stable quality: the implementation of the whole process quality monitoring, meticulous, and all aspects of testing!
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      Product Details

      RG-B high speed horizontal slitter detailed description


      1. The machine is a horizontal slitting machine.

      2. Independent control panel, the operation more flexible and convenient.

      3. Unwinding automatic correction, photoelectric eye for tracking transparent material edge and color.

      4. Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic powder brake.

      5. The winding is controlled by magnetic powder clutch

      There is a side of the wind to send or take the device (when ordering).

      7. Take the length of the automatic meter meter.

      8. Roll the roll to make the web more flat.

      9. Roll the slip shaft

      Main technical parameters


      The appearance, technical parameters, performance and features of the machine are subject to change without notice. Without the express written permission of Ruiguang company, may be reproduced or the dissemination of relevant information

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