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      Model RG-B flexible letterpress printing machine

      Model RG-B flexible letterpress printing machine
      • Stable quality: the implementation of the whole process quality monitoring, meticulous, and all aspects of testing!
      • Reasonable price: effective internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!
      • Fast delivery: advanced production line, sufficient stocking, shorten the delivery time!
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      Product Details

      Model RG-B flexible letterpress printing machine

      This machine is a printing machine which uses photosensitive resin soft plate as the plate material, commonly known as "aniline printing machine"". Suitable for printing of polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, cellophane and roll paper, non-woven fabric, woven bags and other packaging materials, food packaging paper, ideal printing equipment supermarket handbag, vest bags, clothing bags and other packaging.

      1. It is novel in shape, reasonable in structure, advanced in technology, simple in operation, stable in printing, good in printing quality, quick in printing speed, low in reject rate, long in service life and easy to maintain


      The appearance, technical parameters, performance and features of the machine are subject to change without notice. Without the express written permission of Ruiguang company, may be reproduced or the dissemination of relevant information

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