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      Welcome~Wenzhou Ruiguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd,We focus on the production and sales of gravure printing machine, compound machine, slitting machine, bag making machine and other equipment manufacturers

      Wenzhou Ruiguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd

      Provide a complete set of printing machinery system solutions

      National Enquiry Hotline:

      13758767518   15355956668

      current location:home > Company culture Company culture

      一、Enterprise Mission: Cheng Zhong face the user, to create Ruiguang brand.

      二、The spirit of enterprise: people - oriented, scientific and technological innovation.

      三、Business philosophy: integrity management, customer first.

      四、Work requirements: pragmatic, active, harmonious and efficient.

      五、Quality: scientific management, excellence.

      六、Code of Conduct: Dedicated love, dedicated.

      七、Work style: hard work, practical life.

      八、Talent view: respect for knowledge, only is the move.

      九、Solidarity: mutual tolerance and sincere cooperation.

      十、Enterprise goals: to build China's printing machinery industry's first-class enterprises.



      address:Building 2, Sanqiao Jingye Road, Dongshan Economic Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province

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